For obvious reasons, we didn’t do a 2020 review, and 2021 started off pretty much as we left the previous year, still in lockdown and the world of events having no light at the end of the tunnel.

But as we head towards the end of the year thankful that we were able to start getting back to real events again, it’s good to reflect on just some of the exciting projects we have been a part of in 2021 as part of EPIC.LAN’s bounce back to doing what we do best, making technical stuff work for gaming and esports projects.

As always, there are many projects where we’re busying away behind the scenes as a white-label provider or working on things completely under NDA, so we cant detail those, but you get the idea.

Here are some of the highlights of over 150 shows/projects for 35+ clients or end brands:

  • Regular – Stream engineer/technical support for various Promod Esports remote shows
  • Jan 21 – Red Bull Home Ground (League Ops, Esports Advice & Observer Support, Stream Moderation) for Red Bull UK and Flux Broadcast
  • Jan 21 – UKIN Premier (Stream Engineering for Promod Esports & Website/Statistics Development)
  • Feb 21 – Hardware rental and rehearsal support for Flux Broadcast interactive stream
  • Feb 21 – EPIC32 Online
  • Regular – Equipment Rental COVID-Secure NHS Exams with Firefly AV
  • April 21 – Remote broadcast for NSE Spring BUEC Finals
  • April 21 – Remote broadcast for NSE Stay at Home Series sponsored by Monster Energy
  • April 21 – League Operations support for Red Bull Campus Clash UK Finals
  • May 21 – Equipment hire for Red Bull Kumite London
  • May 21 – Remote broadcast for NSE Barclays Showcase
  • July 21 – Production management support for Flux Broadcast (2 remote, 1 studio broadcast) including AWS technical provisioning, live production and stream engineering
  • July 21 – EPIC33 COVID-secure hybrid event pilot
  • July 21 - Dan joins as full-time Development Manager
  • Aug 21 – Remote broadcast for NSE Results Day
  • Regular – Private CSGO match servers for various client broadcasts
  • Aug 21 – TableTop 1 pilot event
  • Sept 21 – Red Bull WOLOLO V broadcast project management for Flux Broadcast plus stream engineering and equipment hire
  • Oct 21 – EGX London – Equipment hire and bespoke remote exhibitor solution
  • Oct 21 – EPIC34 LAN
  • Nov 21 – Red Bull Home Ground (League Ops, Esports Advice & Observer Support) for Red Bull UK and Flux Broadcast
  • Nov 21 – Private client remote AWS broadcast technical setup & producer with ongoing AWS technical support throughout the year
  • Dec 21 – Remote broadcast for NSE Winter BUEC Finals
  • Dec 21 – On-site networking technical support and equipment hire for live broadcast in London for Promod Esports
  • Dec 21 – On site technical support, advice and equipment hire for product photoshoot in London

In addition, we also renewed or signed four clients to our in-house custom tournament platform and managed to bring 3 of our own live events back to reality safely without any positive confirmed COVID cases.

So 2021 has given us 150+ reasons to remain positive and hopeful as we go in to 2022 where we all hope that the events industry will be back as close to normal as possible so we can continue our work behind the scenes bringing great gaming and esports project to life.

On that, we’d like to give a huge thank you to all of our customers, clients and partners for supporting us in 2021, we wish you all a very merry Christmas and our hopes for a safe and successful 2022!

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