Say hello to the biggest update yet to our very own esports tournament system!

The revamped backend now natively includes sorting, searching and ordering features on all the data tables, it can swap between light and dark mode, and is a lot simpler to use. This helps ensure your esports tournaments can run smoothly, no matter who is sitting behind the screen.

A huge focus for us during this update was to create something that feels responsive and modern. Leading us to implement several quality of life features to our tournament platform such as:

  • All data tables support sorting, ordering, searching and filtering.
  • Deletion modals.
  • Contextual help available on every page.
  • Front end validation on all fields.
  • Input masks where required to help making sure the right information in entered.
  • Tab indexing across all input forms.

We have also introduced a raft of new features, including:

  • Message threads – It’s good to talk. Whether it’s to rearrange a match, have a general conversation, or complement each other on a most excellent game, we’ve introduced a way that teams can talk to each other through the system.
  • Built-in payment system – Commercialise your tournaments and take payments directly within the tournament system. We can support integrations with any major payment processor.
  • Dashboard – A new dashboard giving you relevant information at your fingertips.
  • Settings – Change settings and customise certain parts of the system.
  • Custom menus – Control what is displayed on both the main menu and the tournament menu.
  • Tournament invites – Invite existing teams in your next tournament.

As we continue through our 2022 roadmap, we look forward to bringing you more updates on the changes we have for the esports tournament platform.

Our new and improved tournament platform is already available to our current clients. Why not take advantage of our years of gaming and event knowledge to get your own esports tournament up and running?

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