EPIC.LAN provides high quality dedicated private CSGO match servers to a range of tournaments and leagues for both LAN and online.

Working closely with our UK hosting partners, Fasthosts, and a range of other providers for matches outside of the UK, we are able to spin up hundreds of performance 128-tick CSGO tournament servers and associated GOTV servers on demand with a web-based control panel. Combined with our in-house tournament platform we can even automate the entire process, allowing your league operations teams to focus on player interactions instead of managing servers.

Our match servers also include our custom match plugin which manages key CSGO tournament features, including match starting, demo recording plus technical and tactical pausing. The enhanced version of our plugin, combined with the tournament platform can also set key match variables such as team names, maps and series scores as well as returning live scores back in to the platform. A highly customised version of our plugin was a key piece of data technology used in the 2019 Omen Challenge.

We can also add additional features on demand including various Discord and Teamspeak integrations.

Our CSGO match servers are provided as a bespoke service for tournament operators and are set up specifically for each client based on their needs, therefore we don't have an automatic ordering system for this service. Please contact us for more details and to discuss your requirements.