epic.LAN has designed and built its tournament platform from scratch. As a tournament and event operator first, our system has been designed with years of experience delivering our own in-house tournaments as well as working closely with external clients.

The system is designed to be as hands off as possible once a tournament stage is initiated to allow admins to focus on player interaction rather than systems.

Our tournament team compiles feedback after every event which is incorporated in to our development roadmap and as a smaller UK-based company we are able to make changes quickly.

Each client platform is deployed individually, meaning that unique customisation is possible for every customer.

British Esports Deployment


  • Hosted & Custom Branded Solution
  • Common Tournament Structures
    • Standard Groups
    • Swiss
    • Single Elimination
    • Double Elimination
  • Automatic Promotion
  • Player Score Reporting with File Uploads
  • Double Score Reporting with Conflict System
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Dedicated Server Integration (Where Supported)
  • CS:GO Server Plugin
    • Removes the requirement for RCON access
    • Starts matches on the correct map with team names pre-populated
    • Starts match (including knife round)
    • Live score reporting back to tournament system
  • epic.LAN intranet integration for live event desktop alerts
  • Match Rescheduling by Mutual Agreement
  • Big Screen Display for Results & Fixtures
  • Mutually Exclusive Tournaments
  • Support Tickets
  • Mercenary Support
  • Quick-Add for New Titles
  • Tournament, stage and match check-in
  • Team Leader Messaging (email as standard)

NSE Tournament Deployment