As NSE (National Student Esports) moves into its fourth year of running the British University Esports Championship this October, the organisation has extended its partnership with EPIC.LAN’s esports technical support agency in a multiyear partnership.

EPIC.LAN will continue to provide a highly customised, white-label version of its in-house tournament platform to NSE, enabling thousands of students to participate in weekly tournaments across the UK.

NSE, the official body for university esports, originally selected a bespoke version of the EPIC.LAN platform due to the flexibility it can offer compared to traditional out-of-the-box systems. It was then heavily adapted to the unique and successful tournament formats offered by the organisation. EPIC.LAN also worked closely with Code Wizards to integrate with NSE’s main community site to ensure the best possible user experience for the UK student community..

In addition, EPIC.LAN provides NSE with CSGO and GOTV server hosting which allows hundreds of dedicated match servers to be launched within minutes on demand which sit on Fasthosts’ bare metal server infrastructure in the UK. The servers are fully integrated into EPIC.LAN’s tournament platform to allow automated score reporting in the comprehensive admin dashboard, while players can control key server functions such as map selection and pausing using the EPIC.LAN in-game plugin. These tools help to reduce the workload for tournament operations staff, allowing them to focus on player interactions and experience. 

The tournament platform is integral to NSE’s community of more than 20,000 registered students and 250+ tournaments to date with a peak of 130 concurrent CSGO servers created in a single round.

Jon Winkle, EPIC.LAN’s Managing Director said, “We’ve been working really closely with the NSE team for three years now and have built up a great relationship and understanding with the team, particularly with their custom tournament formats which are so successful with the students taking part. It’s fantastic to be continuing our work together for the foreseeable future and enhancing our tournament platform offer for NSE and all of our system customers.”

Chris Henshaw, NSE’s Head of League Operations said “We’re pleased to continue the use of EPIC.LAN’s tournament platform and our longstanding partnership with  the team at EPIC.LAN. They have been fantastic partners in delivering the British University Esports Championship and their platform has enabled us to use our bespoke tournament formats giving the best gaming experience for UK university esports. We will also be continuing to use EPIC.LAN for all of our CSGO & GOTV server hosting.” 

To find out more about EPIC.LAN’s technical support services including the tournament platform, visit There is also a detailed case study from the launch of the NSE instance of the platform at