Esports Operations

From grassroots community tournaments to online and offline T1 events, our esports operations team has decades of experience delivering tournaments with the highest level of competitive integrity and a player-first approach.

Some of our hightlighted esports operations projects include:

Our Priorities

Player Experience First

Without the players, you have no audience, no broadcast and no event. We are all gamers when we're not working so we understand the priorities for esports players and will always act as a strong voice for their needs during your projects.

Competitive Integrity

As a completely independent operator, EPIC.LAN is perfectly placed to ensure your tournament is operated with full integrity and credibility, enforcing the rulebook fairly at all times while listening to all parties.

Experienced Crew

Our in house team and freelance network has experience in pretty much every gaming genre available and has worked on tournaments from village halls to full scale arenas.

Detailed Rulebooks

We follow best-practice in rulebook design, learning from global examples and our own practical experience to ensure that your tournament rulesets are carefully considered, using the latest versions and involving the playerbase in their creation.

Supporting Technology

Naturally, we are experts in our own tournament software solutions, we use it every day ourselves, but we are also experienced in a range of industry-standard solutions as required for your event.


We use modern communications methods to communicate with players openly and consistently. Discord in particular is second nature to our teams, as our chosen internal platform for our own staff and events as well as our third party tournaments.

Other services