Esports Wales Tournament Platform

EPIC.LAN provided a custom branded tournament site for use by Esports Wales, matching their existing visual style for a seamless user experience. The website utilises features seen on the main website such as red dropdown boxes, as well as matching headers and footers.

The website was built with the Welsh community in mind, with pages such as the registration having both English and Welsh language present for accessibility and inclusion.

Esports Wales supports players from all across Wales, but also from outside Wales. For this we added profile nationalities, so players and league operations staff could easily identify a player’s place of birth. We also expanded player profiles with more information such as pronouns, social media information, player biographies as well as ranks, roles, and platforms for each game.

For Esports Wales, it was important to emphasise the community aspect of esports and gaming, and having these extra options allows teams to find players who match their preferred specifications.

Client Score - 9/10

Services Provided

  • Dedicated tournament platform
  • Statistics

  • Tournaments Hosted - 17
  • Users Registered - 499
  • Tournament Formats Utilisted

  • Standard Groups
  • Standard Elimination
  • Points Leaderboard
  • More projects