NSE Tournament Platform

Tournament Platform

EPIC.LAN worked closely with NSE’s existing web developers, Code Wizards, to mirror their main community platform design and integrate with user sign on systems to simplify the process for students to register for their chosen tournaments and provide a seamless experience moving between platforms.

NSE utilises a complex modified version of the Swiss tournament format which has been extremely successful at retaining interest in the tournament throughout the duration. The modified format is not supported as standard in any other platform, so EPIC.LAN worked alongside the esports team at NSE to understand the complexities of the format in order to recreate it in the platform while retaining the level of flexibility required by the admin team.

Other key custom modifications included:

  • Customisation of check-in system
  • Synchronisation of team rosters with NSE community platform
  • Bulk email for teams
  • Scoreboard creation
  • Custom pairings

Client Score - 10/10

Services Provided

  • Dedicated tournament platform
  • Integration with existing community platform
  • CS Server Hosting
  • CS Server Automation
  • CS Match Plugin
  • Community Server Hosting
  • Statistics (Year 1)

  • Tournaments Hosted - 52
  • Users Registered - 3810
  • CS Server Peak (inc GOTV) - 130
  • Tournament Formats Utilised

  • Standard Groups
  • Standard Elimination
  • Modified Swiss
  • CS Server Provision & Match Tools

    In addition to the tournament platform, EPIC.LAN also provided CS:GO and GOTV servers for tournament evenings involving 90+ teams. Using our in-house tournament platform, server control system and CS:GO match plugin tools we were able to automate the deployment of all servers in around 10mins including serving the detailed IPs and passwords to each team through the match page on the tournament platform with minimum manual involvement.

    The tournament platform and CS:GO plugin working together automatically populates the server with the correct team names, country flags and map series, tracks live scores in to the admin dashboard and reports the final scores back to the tournament system on completion, leaving teams to simply confirm the results and advance to their next scheduled game.

    Over the course of the first year, the suite of server tools saved the admin team hundreds of staff hours allowing them to focus on player interactions rather than dedicated server management.

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