Case Study

Services Provided

Project 1 (for Ubisoft UK)

Project 2 (for Promod Esports)

  • Stream Engineering including hosted CDN
  • Remote Network Support
  • Recording Management
  • Data Integration

Project Details

Tournament Platform

epic.LAN was appointed to deliver one of the most customised versions of its in-house tournament platform to date which was not only visually updated to match the new brand for the UK & Ireland National League, but also to act as the central data source for match statistics.In order to enhance the existing information from Rainbow Six Siege and give a more in-depth viewing experience for a data-hungry audience, epic.LAN developed data entry and display mechanisms for stats operators which were as efficient as possible, allowing for viewers to see what was as near as possible to real time player data once broadcast delays were accounted for.In addition, Ubisoft had a strong desire to build up its UKIN players as personalities and teams as stronger brands which was enabled by epic.LAN extending its player and team profiles to give more player backgrounds as well as using the statistics generated throughout the season.Once the season started, Ubisoft wanted to make those statistics as accessible as possible, which was achieved using a custom Twitch extension running alongside the live games. The extension arms viewers with the week’s match schedule and results, team and player live statistics and a live poll function that allows on-air talent to monitor viewer opinion in real-time, whether that’s match predictions or important matters like whether beans on toast should be a thing. To protect load on the main website with the high traffic levels generated by the Twitch extension, the data transfer to and from the extension is managed by Amazon’s CloudFront CDN.

Broadcast Technical Support

Separate to the tournament platform, epic.LAN was also part of Promod Esports’ bid to deliver the weekly broadcasts for UKIN with epic.LAN responsible for the technical support elements of the product for the remote broadcasts and live events once they can resume safely in the future.

epic.LAN already has many years of expertise in supporting all things technical at live esports events and was easily able to adapt to a remote studio environment due to the current global health crisis.

epic.LAN built and hosted its own Wowza Streaming Engine instance to act as the stream CDN and provided a technical support/stream engineer crew throughout the live broadcasts to support the studio, followed by the management of stream recordings and multi-track audio for the high level of content generated by Hotdrop throughout the tournament.

While live events have their own unique set of challenges managing esports event networks, remote shows at broadcast quality have their own technical pressures, particularly to allow broadcast crews and talent to work remotely while all connected in to a single location. epic.LAN worked closely with the production team at Promod Esports to ensure that these connections were carefully managed and monitored to protect the broadcast at all times.

As epic.LAN had already written the tournament platform and stats systems, we were also able to work alongside Promod Esports’ graphics operator to provide SQL views to populate Ross XPression graphics templates including:

  • Individual Player Statistics
  • Team Statistics
  • Group Standings
  • Poll Results
  • Operator Statistics
  • Map Pick/Ban Statistics


  • Client Score - 10/10
  • "epic.LAN always has our best interests at heart when they're working on our projects and are happy to adapt to the changing nature of a project." - Will Attwood, Marketing Esports Manager Ubisoft UK
  • “When you work with Epiclan Services you know you're in safe hands; great communication, great client care and top quality service.” - Rob Black, CEO Promod Esports